Course Content and How to Participate

This summer semester THEORY meets MAKERSPACE! Interested in hands-on experiences all about Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Photonics? Then the course “Innovation Methods in Photonics” (4 CP) is the right place for you!

  • Understand innovation processes and develop an entrepreneurial skill set @lectures,
  • Gain knowledge in rapid prototyping technologies and creativity techniques in @workshops,
  • Use the technologies of the Lichtwerkstatt Makerspace to work in teams on your own @photonics innovation project!

The course is intended for all master students of photonics and physics of the Firedrich Schiller University Jena. Enrol now via Friedolin for both, the lecture and exercise!

(1) Innovation Methods in Photonics (IMiP): LECTURE –> enroll now
(2) Innovation Methods in Photonics (IMiP): EXERCISE –> enroll now

During the semester you will work hands-on on one specific „photonics innovation project“. To ensure a good fit between your personal interests and skills you can pick one project out of an innovation project pool. The projects cover topics like microscopy, optical simulation, quantum optics and machine learning.

The makerspace mentors and technologies (e.g. 3d-printing, 3d-scanners, laser cutter, AR/VR goggles, micrcontroller, vacuum former) will facilitate and support your individual innovation journey. To get an impression about the photonics innovation projects below are two examples.

Photonics Innovation Project Examples

UC2 – Edu goes AR
Short project description:
Augmented and Virtual Reality will change the way we experience and absorb learning content in the future. In this project your task is to extend the learning material of the open source optical toolbox UC2 into Augmented Reality (AR). The system should detect where cubes are, what type of cubes there are and if they are positioned the right way.

Optical Simulation with LabView
Short project description: 
State of the art simulation tools in optics like Zemax are quite powerful but in some cases not flexible enough for a seamless integration in existing System Development Enviroments. In this project your task is to implement an adaptable modular component to simulate laser sources in LabView and evaluate the results in a lab setup.

Course Overview